Cloud With Me Coupon Codes

Cloud with Me offers customers a fully automated solution which simplifies the setting up and maintenance of AWS or Microsoft Azure Google cloud servers. They help users to upgrade their cloud infrastructure quickly and effortlessly and no prior technical knowledge is also needed. Cloud with Me enables customers to install Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure cloud servers in minutes. Having completely dominated the market since its inception in 2016, Cloud with Me is the first and only partner of Google Cloud Platform. Cloud with Me delivers fully managed cloud hosting services and guarantees uptime, security, and speed. Use the latest Cloud with Me coupons and find all the latest offers, updates and promo codes right here.

Cloud With Me Coupon Codes

$100 discount on AWS/Microsoft Azure Managed Hosting Service
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Azure hosting enterprise service at $460
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Google cloud hosting startup $40/month
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What are the Services provided by Cloud with Me?

Amazon Web Services

AWS has become an integral part of the tech world and it is preferred by many for its cost-effective operation. Cloud with Me offers AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. These are virtual machines which perform even better than a traditional physical server. They also provide a wide variety of instances with different combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and bandwidth to suit different workload requirements.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is another popular collection of integrated cloud services. Cloud with Me offers Microsoft Azure’s Virtual Machine (VM) Servers, which gives its users flexibility for a wide range of computing solutions. Azure provides four different server size options, memory, and bandwidth options – so there’s always a server to match your specific needs.

Managed Hosting

Cloud with Me’s managed hosting service is ideal when you are not comfortable setting up your own server, Their managed hosting solution allows you to adapt to AWS or Microsoft Azure and is ideal for anyone who needs to set budgets for monthly server expenses.

Pros of Cloud with Me

  • Cloud with Me is known for its pocket-friendly estimating.
  • Major cost-effective features are included like no pay for web development.
  • Cloud with Me dashboard provides assistance with free access to a pre-configured email server, HTML, FTP, Analytics, and MySQL.
  • The partnership with Google Cloud( only one to do so)has significantly differentiated the company from its competitors.

Saving Tips With Cloud with Me

Cloud with Me Coupons

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You have a 30-day money back guarantee where your entire money is refunded if you are not satisfied with their services.

Add-ons for any type of Site

Get all latest add-ons like FTP, Google Analytics, SSL etc for free and those like PHP and WordPress for a cost as low as $5. It is hard to see such nominal pricing by any other brand.

Buy Cloud Tokens

With your cryptocurrency, you can buy cloud tokens. By using Cloud Tokens you can purchase cloud services from the bigger providers in this industry. Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS.

Cloud with Me Customer Care

When it comes to support, they offer you a Guide which is exhaustive and can answer all queries from you. You can also message them with your mail ID and they reply back at the earliest. Cloud with me connects all WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento sites to AWS or Azure servers. You get free support and low-cost hosting. Watch out for the latest Cloud With Me coupons right at this space.