OVH Hosting Review – Best Hosting At Affordable Prices

OVH offers innovative products and services with their own global network and with experts passionate about customer services. They have carved a niche for themselves as leading hosting providers internationally. They are based in France and were founded in 1999 riding on the e-commerce bubble just emerging. OVH is today the largest hosting provider in Europe. The hosting of over 18 million websites is a testimony to the fact of how customers trust them. Read on to find out more about their services, pricing and much more.

Performance, security, and availability for all your needs – OVH Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

What are the services available on OVH?

The best thing about ovh is the wide range of services from hosting services, VPS, dedicated servers and so on. You can host on their public cloud, have access to their range of servers all at prices that come very cheap. Get some of the best-dedicated servers, virtual private servers, Private Cloud, storage and backup, databases, storage and much more. A good thing is that they own a lot of bandwidth so you never have bandwidth issues.

  • Dedicated Servers – Starting $49.99/month
  • Virtual Private Servers – Starting at $3.49/month
  • Private Cloud – Starting at $633/month
  • Domain names
  • VPS hosting

and a lot more.

Why choose OVH for all your hosting needs?

  • They have a decent line of hosting products and options to make things work.
  • They have an amazing uptime, many customers claim that their servers have never been down for years.
  • Panel manager is very user-friendly and easy to use
  • Offer a flexible solution for small and medium companies and effortless setup.
  • Based on your needs they have a vast number of plans, you only pay for what you get.
  • They have a mail service of their own, from where we can manage company mail
  • Very stable and reliable services
  • They have a huge 300,000 servers at 28 datacenters in over 19 countries.
  • They guarantee the highest level of security
  • OVH operates a global policy of international certification and approval for all installations and procedures.
  • OVH works in close collaboration with over 50 world-leading technical partners.
  • They design their own servers which guarantee quality due to expertise and offer competitive prices.
  • They want to go green and use technology to reduce energy consumption

OVH control panel

The control panel feels quite complicated. It is text-based and can be completely customized. However, it could be more robust and there is no File Manager to sort your files with. Their interface is not always user-friendly. OVH also has a lot of different management interfaces. The control panel as a whole could be more intuitive and user-friendly.

Speed and reliability

OVH offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, with five minutes or less response time in case of an outage. The company’s servers are fast in both server responses in page loads. In several tests, the response time averaged at under 400 ms and more than 95% of OVH users vouch for the company’s reliability.

Pros and Cons


  • Very low prices
  • Cheap multi-domain support
  • Flexible solutions for all types of business
  • Expert-level features


  • 1-click install supports 4 apps only
  • Bad support
  • Intimidating control panel
  • Some interface elements in French

Customer Support

The customer support is a mixed bag with some customers vouching for it while others find it inadequate. The OVH customer support is available 24/7, But tech newbies will find their knowledge not up to the mark. Customer service reps can give you some basic guidance. Due to this limited knowledge, problems take longer to reform. You can contact them over the phone or through the email address provided on their site.


There are a number of plans from ovh.

  • VPS plans start at £2.49 ($3.35) a month for 100Mbps bandwidth and unlimited traffic.
  • Dedicated servers start at £59 ($74) a month for a guaranteed 250Mbps bandwidth. They are hugely customizable
  • Backup Storage – starting at $16/month
  • Dedicated Servers – Starting $49.99/month
  • Private Cloud – Starting at $633/month


Opt for OVH for some customized hosting needs and excellent bandwidth. Besides good storage and domain names, they also offer you cloud and dedicated hosting with expert level features and good uptime. The only drawback is the customer service which is an important aspect especially if you are a newbie. Choose wisely based on your requirements and if you have decent technical knowledge.