News: MongoDB Atlas – The Latest Database on Azure

Tech Giant Microsoft has announced the availability of a new cloud database on Azure. That too for free. Yes, MongoDB Atlas will be up on Microsoft. The MongoDB Atlas will be known as M0 on Azure. Those users who use M0 will receive 512 MB of storage which can be considered ideal storage for learning MongoDB, early development and prototyping.  MongoDB is a leading database around the world and premier stuff like Atlas run on the MongoDB version. Atlas can do the following:

  • Automate the time-consuming database administration
  • Do tasks like setup, provisioning, upgrades, and backup

Microsoft has also made it clear that M0 clusters will run according to security and operational best practices and provide users the end-end encryption, fully managed upgrades, and high availability. It also mentioned that M0 clusters will eventually allow teams to perform more operations like create, read, update and delete data directly from browsers. This could happen via a built-in data explorer. This will accelerate the development process.

In a blog post, Donald Peterson who is the Senior Partner Development manager at Microsoft Azure wrote “This announcement is a part of our broader goal to give our customers immense choice and make it incredibly easy to get started on Azure for anyone in the world,”

Microsoft has integrated the MongoDB Atlas on Azure along with a number of main Azure analytic services like Microsoft Azure Databricks and Power BI. Power BI integration, for instance, allows users to access data stored in MongoDB and use visualization and analytics tools to gain insights into data. This can be shared with colleagues for the right use.

As of now, MongoDB Atlas is available in 26 Azure regions. The free tier, however, is currently available in East US(Virginia), East Asia(Hong Kong) and the Netherlands.