On-premises EC2 instances for reverse hybrid cloud launched by AWS

Recently Amazon Web service has announced that the EC2 instances with on-premises hardware but only on Snowball Edge devices which packs a Xeon D. This Snowball Edge device  is sold as a data transfer appliance that improves the ability of snowball to be used as a local storage in difficult connection location and run Lambada and Greengrass function for basic data processing. With this advent, AWS has now made it possible to run EC2 instances. The snowball edge has a configuration of Xeon D CPU with 1.8 GHz speed and is capable of supporting instances that consume a total of 24 CPU cores and 32 GiB RAM.

With the announcements, AWS is trying to capture the clients that require high data processing on edge rather than storing or sending everything to the cloud or datacenter. It will help these clients to use these edge devices by reducing the use of expensive WANs and avoiding latency.  The second use is for remotely managed personal computers and servers. Jeff Barr wrote that the instances would meet the needs of an IT manager he recently met who” told me that he wants to able to set up and centrally manage the global collection of on-premises industrialized PCs that monitor their machinery as easily and as efficiently as he does their EC2 instances and other cloud resources.” By making the instances on a Snowball edge, AWS delivers the efficient services in the same scenario.

Amazon’s hybrid and edge products were never that strong and powerful, and now AWS is showing the interest in making this hybrid cloud a powerful tool for deploying the applications with heavy workloads.