Latest News – How does Tech Giant Microsoft plan to extend its 365 Capabilities? Know More

Microsoft is slowly expanding its horizons to come to back to its position of being the best operating system. One of their more prominent features is Microsoft office 365. It offers a complete suite required for office and school operations. It is a very popular feature and is quite well loved. Microsoft, in a bid to expand, has announced the acquisition of FSLogix. FSLogix is a next-generation app provisioning platform that will extend Microsoft 365 virtualization capabilities and provide a rich experience to customers. In September 2018, Microsoft announced a virtual desktop solution that will allow customers to run Windows 10 and Office 365 in cloud systems. It is so that FSLogix is one of them. With its application development and provisioning capabilities, FSLogix has been able to-

  • Reduce costs;
  • Reduce resources;
  • Bring down labor and time that is usually required to support virtualization.

Microsoft by this acquisition wants to aim to enhance the virtual desktop experience. It wants its customers to have faster load times and better performances. The Office 365 ProPlus users especially benefit from this.

Mr. Brad Anderson, CVP of Microsoft 365 mentioned that they were excited to welcome FSLogix to Microsoft and they look forward to how it will impact technology and the effect it will have on customers virtualization experience. Randy Cook who is the founder of FSLogix has maintained that both FSLogix and Microsoft are completely aligned. He added that both FSLogix and Microsoft want to provide the best experience to customers. Microsoft is focused on customer empowerment through its services and products. The launch of Office 365 and Windows 10 is to secure the most premium computing experience and most productive one. It helps companies save time and drive better results.