What is the main difference between a VPS and a Dedicated Server?

The most notable difference between VPS Server (Virtual Private Server) and a dedicated server is the physical resources. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind while deciding between the Dedicated Server and the VPS server. For VPS Hosting users may share the physical resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) while enjoying the freedom of a private server by having their own control panel. On the other hand, with a managed dedicated server no sharing is required because you have the server all to yourself. Since you own your own server, you have to be cautious about the physical server, security, and management of your server.  Below are some primary differences between the VPS(Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated Server.

VPS and Dedicated Servers – Difference

Resources: Fundamentally, VPS is like a dedicated server, except that you only have a part of the server’s resources. VPS is created by taking one dedicated server and partitioning it into several small independent servers. Virtualization layer formed ensures that each VPS acts as a standalone server. Whereas in a dedicated server itself is a server where all the resources belong to your website/application.

Performance: VPS has a better performance as compared to the shared hosting whereas Dedicated Server can yield optimum performance and control depending upon the server configuration you choose.

Price: While a dedicated server is a big financial and technical investment, VPS is comparatively less expensive and comes with the technical support, and does not require intensive support.

Scalability and Security: VPS Servers are highly secured and can be upgraded or downgraded without any downtime Whereas in the dedicated server offers you the more flexibility to upgrade resources like processor, RAM, HDD, with downtime (subject to the hosting provider you choose).

In a nutshell to conclude with Dedicated Server is usually for the big Enterprise, Companies, and organizations that cater to the need of high traffic and fast computation to provide high performance and speed, whereas VPS Hosting caters to the programmers, Bloggers, and web designers.