Authorities Say, NRC Online Data Missing

The online data of the NRC (National Register of Citizens) which shows details of all excluded, as well as included persons, has suddenly disappeared from the NRC website. Due to a Supreme Court order, all names were available on the website. Due to this, Assam leader of opposition Debadrata Saikia sent a letter to the Registrar General and Census Commissioner seeking information about the mystery of the vanishing act and that too all of a sudden.

In his letter, he mentions that the data has vanished when the appeals process hasn’t begun yet and he attributed this to the go-slow attitude of the NRC Authority. There is ample scope for the disappearance of online data to be mala fide and is a violation of the directive issued by the Supreme Court.

According to an official at the NRC office, the data was in cloud storage and the service period of this provided by Wipro expired and the subscription was not renewed. This was because there was no coordinator assuming charge after Mr.Prateek Hajela, the former coordinator. They stated that the renewal process is underway and the data will be available in a few days.