France Recruits Dassault Systemes And OVH

Bruno Le Marie, IT Finance Minster of France said that talks are going with Tech companies Dassault and OVH in cloud computing to break the dominance of U.S and also they are waiting for an opportunity to build a capacity to store the sensitive data in France. Le Marie says that they have asked OVH and Dassault Systemes to work on the same and the end results are expected in December 2019. In addition to this he says the project would be done at the Franco-German level at first and later at European level.

Dassault Systemes is created by Dassault group in 1981 to develop computer –aided design software and OVH is a French cloud computing company which provides VPS, dedicated servers & other web services and owns the world’s largest data centre in surface area in edition to this they are the largest hosting provider in Europe.

Paris is concerned a 2018 U.S. law known as the Cloud Act which lets any U.S. agency has complete access to European corporate data which is stored on the data centers of U.S. companies, without informing them which was totally unacceptable said by Le Marie. So they are in search for a solution which should be implemented immediately to resolve the issue between Washington and European Union.

By 2020 1.5 billion Euros will be invested in Artificial Intelligence along with 800 million in seed-money, 600 million in research for bringing Artificial Intelligence into market by France.
The money will be raised from an innovation fund financed by the selloff of state assets, with the sale of a stake in French lottery monopoly la Francaise des Jeux , Le Marie said.