Gear up for the new Gutenberg WordPress Version

A game changer has arrived and we insist you to be ready if your website runs on WordPress! A new WordPress Version 5.0 has arrived!!! WordPRess 5.0 includes the most awaited Gutenberg editor that has functionality of drag and drop website builder.  Gutenberg will replace the TinyMCE Text block editor and will be included in almost all the WordPress Hosting packages. It will give a new look and feel to the WordPress websites and blogs.

The Gutenberg editor is called a “block editor” and hence you can select a “block” such as an image, text paragraph, headings and many more and place them wherever you want to put them. The Gutenberg editor replaces the old page layout, and hence allows multiple rich media pages and layout management without any coding assistance. The additional feature of ‘custom block’ gives the flexibility to create more unique features and templated content to your website and blog.  

Gutenberg block editor

Salient features of Gutenberg WordPress Version:

  1. Block arrangement to help insert, rephrase, rearrange the style content as per your requirement and needs.
  2. Rich multimedia layouts without any technical expertise requirements.
  3. Create custom design pages and blocks
  4. More functionality
  5. Less plugins requirements

The WordPress 5.0 and the new editor is expected to give instant access after upgrading the WordPress version. You have to ensure that you have automatic updates on or manually updating the version. However if you are not comfortable and ready for the Gutenberg editor you can install the old classic editor plugin which you are currently using even if you have updates your WordPress version to Version 5.0. Though some of the features and plugins should be comfortable only with Gutenberg thus we encourage everyone to upgrade to Gutenberg editor.