Google Coming Up With A Badge Of Shame For Websites

Google is coming up with idea of giving a badge of shame for websites that load slowly in Chrome. Chrome will identify sites that typically load slow or fast for users with clear badging and this may take a number of forms and they have plans to experiment with different options, to determine which provides the most value to chrome users.

The technology giant said it believes the Web “can do better” and is considering a badge system to encourage developers when building websites and they will do this by looking at how long it takes for every websites to load historically. Google is looking into numerous ways of achieving this rare feat, such as a splash screen which appears when the page is loading, warning people that the page usually loads slowly and fast websites would feature a green progress splash. The Chrome team also identifying sites that will load slowly based on device hardware or network connectivity.

Google team said that: Going forward in near future, they may expand this to include identifying when a page is likely to be slow and fast for a user based on their device and network conditions and further the Chrome team added that “We are building out speed badging and working closing as well as monitoring with other teams exploring labeling the quality of experiences at Google”.

Google team is looking for immediate feedback from web developers before it progresses and company is urging Web developers not to “wait to optimize your site”, offering a number of resources to help improve their loading speeds.

Hopefully this will help even more powerful web apps soon, and ones that feel a lot more like other applications.