Your Guide To Moving The Web Hosting Of The Website

Technology is on an everchanging spree. Every time you invest in technology, you will feel that there is something better waiting for you if you want to shell a little more money. It is true that The Internet has made life easy for us. It enables us to get information and buy things with the touch of a button. The service providers who have succumbed to this style of selling goods are on the lookout of web hosting sites that can help them establish a portal. If you have been one of the early nesters in the world of web hosting, you might be thinking of shifting the pace and moving to a better web hosting portal that may help you and provide better service in the same price range.

It can be quite daunting to change the whole setup and settle down somewhere else. Switching web hosting is also a task in a similar genre. Listed underneath are a few pointers that can help you in making this transition a smooth process and enable you to understand the switch in a stepwise format. These seven steps will help you achieve your goals.

Back up Your Website:

Making the transition can take, and if you do not process the whole act clearly, you might land up losing some data in the meantime. It is best to create a backup of all the essentials of your website and ensure that it is saved in a hard drive of your local computer instead of a cloud server. This way all your data is safe even if you make mistakes in the changeover and might have to start from the beginning. All you have to do is use your chosen web development tool and download all the current files used in the websites. Once you save all the graphics, HTML, files and data on your computer, you are good to go for the next step.

Recording Important Passwords:

while you may have a great memory while changing the web hosting, it is better to rely on the written matter instead of remembering the process, passwords or other such valuable information. It includes details like software information, the change of admin passwords, links, email boxes and security settings. We suggest that it is best that you write all the necessary steps and the related information in a tabular format in a diary before you begin to change the hosting of your website.

Selecting the New Service Provider:

This is one of the most critical steps in the process. When you have taken an overview of all the prospective service providers, you can make a comparative analysis of the criteria in your mind. The one that wins in almost all prospects and fit well within your budget should be the one that you choose as your next server. While you are still on the lookout for a better service provider in the same cost, it makes a lot of sense to keep the old one intact so that you do not face a glitch in the online working especially if you sell products online.

Alerting the Visitors:

Informing your visitors about the switch also makes a lot of sense. The dedicated audience to your website should not feel left out when you are going for a significant change. With a new interface, they will not only be able to stay in touch with you but also lure in more people if they have a good experience. You could do this with the help of visitor database that you have saved with you in the form of email or messaging, or you could just put a note on the old web hosting address informing that it will soon be changing to the new address.

Load Your Site:

With all the saved information, you can now load the website by way of a new web development company. We suggest that it is best to load the website before going life or deleting the account from the other web hosting site. In case of any glitches, your old site will still be active, and you won’t have to worry about losing the data that is already saved in the backup folder of your local computer.  

Changing the Domain Name Record:

Once you are done loading the website, you can switch the domain name record and be ready with the new look and feel of the site. If the web development company and the hosting company are the same, the process gets a lot easier. But in case you have opted for varied services you can still do the same you will have to go through the administrative process discussed on each website. It may look like a cumbersome process, but it is possible to administer the same with a little bit of effort.