Hivelocity’s Latest Acquisition will spur Growth like Never before

Hivelocity is a company that is a leading provider of dedicated servers, collocation, and cloud hosting and managed services. This company has announced that it has acquired which is a Texas-based IaaS provider which has data centers in Seattle, Dallas, and New York City. Steve Eschweiler who is the COO of Hivelocity mentioned that they are very excited to bring the Hivelocity experience to all customers. The customer-centric focus of the company fosters growth and allows for betterment. He felt that customers will benefit from the addition of data centers in 7 highly strategic domestic markets. The News centers will be in Dallas, New York, and Seattle and will be privately connected to the other centers in Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City. This private connectivity between all data centers gives the ability to maximize network performance and allow customers to exchange data freely, fast and securely. Now, new customers from Incero will have access to services like-

  • Private cloud
  • Managed services
  • Rapid restore
  • Bare metal

Incero was founded in 2008 and has quickly gained repute as one with aggressive pricing and a no-nonsense approach to bare metal. The price of Hivelocity aligns with Incero and the scale offers them to be able to deal with customer service and solutions. The objective is to build interaction and reach customer expectations. They aim to improve the support experience and operate more effectively.

Some facts about Hivelocity

  • Hivelocity is a provider of data services to thousands since 2002. They have customers from over 130 countries.
  • Hivelocity has a Net Promoter Score of 81 which depicts world-class customer service
  • It has also acquired Rack Alley which is an IaaS provider situated at Los Angeles