PRESS RELEASE – India’s Exclusive Conference for Web Hosting & Domains Business Community is Drawing near

The Web Hosters community of India had their first meet-up in Goa last year and as a testimony to their success, this year they have decided to organize the event in Bangkok in Thailand. It has been named as the Cloud Leadership Summit and all the top cloud hosting & domain industry leaders from across India are making a beeline for the event.

The conference is definitely big with participants which include selected leaders from the web hosting & domains business community in India. Senior executives from over 20 top cloud hosting and domain Services Company are going to grace the occasion with their participation and many have pledged their support and sponsorship for the event. Curated by members of the Indian Cloud Hosting Industry, the organizing committee includes Zubin Saigal, Ravish Gupta, Sham Kamboj, D Mani, Prashant Sahu, and Sibtain Zaheer.

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According to Shridhar Luthria, the CEO of Logotron, “The Indian Hosting community is perfectly poised to be able to take its market into the future. Meeting, talking to each other, sharing ideas and practices is only going to help. We should do this as often as possible!”. Elaborating further he added,” Each web hosting community member has a deep insight into who their Customer is. This event allows the community to shape together with a macro view of the market and where it’s headed by bringing together everybody’s insights.”

The agenda of the event includes discussions on how to transform businesses in 2020, serverless/kubernetes, technologies to focus on especially AI, choosing the right internet infrastructure provider & registrar and a lot more. The fun element includes a lavish dinner at an authentic Indian cuisine restaurant in Bangkok on the first day, a cruise dinner on the second day and sightseeing of the popular tourist destinations in Bangkok. Overall, it looks to be a great mix of learning and entertainment and should not be missed by members of the web hosting & domains business community in India.

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