New E-mail Extortion Scheme Threatens Users On Google AdSense To Pay Up $5000 In Bitcoins

New reports state that there’s a new email scheme which is threatening publishers to do the inevitable task of unleashing bots on their platforms on Google AdSense. They have to do this unless they pay $5,000 in bitcoin. This email extortion scheme has website owners being targeted who serve banner ads through AdSense in Google.

According to the report, the scam has fraudsters who demand bitcoins promising in exchange that they will not flood the publisher’s ads with junk traffic and bots that Google’s automated anti-fraud systems use to suspend the AdSense account of users for suspicious traffic.

AdSense gives you a free way to earn money with the placement of ads on your website. The message reads that users will get a warning notice which will appear at the dashboard! It will claim to flood your site with bot-generated web traffic in huge amounts. This will result in a 100% bounce ratio with thousands of IPs in rotation which is a nightmare for every AdSense publisher. It also stated that it would adjust their sophisticated bots to open with different time duration every AdSense banner running in your site. In order to stop this attack, they demand $5,000 worth of bitcoin.

According to a statement from Google, the message is a case of sabotage. They are onto a mission to prevent sabotage from succeeding. In order to prevent this potential for sabotage, Google hopes to build some safeguards in place. Google directed users to go to help center on its website with tips for AdSense publishers on sabotage.