Tips to create an impressive Website

Your website is the digital face of your business. The home page of the website is the first page where the clients land on and start interacting with your business. It is therefore very crucial for you to audit your website carefully and periodically such that you should not fail. Hence here is the checklist or the few tips to create an impressive website that can yield good user experience and ultimately generates some leads.

  1. Call to Action: Your website should have a clear call to actions as and when required. Clients or the visitors should not remain in dilemma of what I am supposed to do here. Hence you should highlight those as and when needed. They should be crisp like purchase, Enquiry, call or contact.
  2. Simple Navigation: You should follow the KISS Rule here- Keep your menus and top navigation simple. This helps visitors and customers to browse and connect well with the web page. Do not put too many choices to confuse the users.
  3. Less is more: Your visitors or customers will scan the home page and will filter out the information that they require. Hence do not use too many elaborate content or flashy text to confuse them. The minimalist and simple web page is an easy rule to communicate your message to the readers or visitors.
  4. Know your audience: You should know about your audience well in advance who are browsing your website. You should give them what the are looking for on your website like news, knowledge, learn more about the product or latest product release, offer or a discount or a specific newsletter to sign-up.
  5. Be unique and creative: Do not break the cardinal rule of branding and copyright infringement law. You should have a check on it, and that is very important. You should also keep in mind to deliver the competitive advancement and the uniqueness you are offering against your competitor.
  6. Update Frequently: You should frequently update your website with the content, FAQs(Frequently asked questions), images, customer review and testimonials and many more. This will help you revisiting customers find a newness to your website.
  7. Check Spellings and grammar: You should strictly check and review the text quality of your website. Spell check is very important as spellings mistake can annoy your visitors and customers.