When you should upgrade your web hosting plan?

With the evolution of internet and increasing number of social media platforms there has been an increase in the Internet users. Due to these evolving dynamics the websites requires the web hosting plan that allows them to smooth operate with the great speed, flexibility while ensuring the security. While shared hosting plans are ideal for the beginners as they are low cost and user friendly. However the limited resources which are shared among the multiple websites makes them less favourable for every business and company. People prefer the website that is fast, user friendly and shared hosting does not provide the customized environment and full security to the website and application and thus VPS Hosting is their preferred way. VPS or dedicated servers hosting provides more resources as compared  to shared hosting. With the availability of dedicated resources a website ensures the optimal performance.

As your web hosting plan should meet the needs of your growing business, here are some important signs that you need to upgrade your hosting plan:

  1. Slow website speed: With businesses running various promotional activities during peak time- weekends, festivals, occasions. A slow website during these periods can really hamper your promotional plans. Visitors expects the website to load in few seconds and does not want to wait for long time for the pages and images to load.  Sluggish websites are the sure killer for the e-commerce websites as they prefer online store rather than the physical store. For a shared hosting speed hassel are there cause of shared RAM and CPU among the multiple websites hosted in the same server. On the other hand VPS or dedicated server provides dedicated RAM and CPU power and much larger bandwidth. With the customization facility you can use the resources as per your needs and hence can be a solution for the speed related issues for your website.
  2. Increase in Website Traffic: An increase in the website traffic is a great opportunity for every business hence it is necessary to be always prepared. Shared hosting is suitable for the websites that has low traffic and minimal hits per day. Whereas VPS and dedicated hosting solutions are for the website that have huge traffic on the website and the applications hosted on the server. However if you have a borderline traffic on your websites and is expecting good traffic then it is wise to upgrade to the VPS hosting and dedicated hosting
  3. Need for customization: Shared hosting has a standard hosting platform for the servers configured.  All the websites that are hosted on the server has to adjust with this environment. With the need of the customization for the server operating environment is not supported by the shared hosting, thus in this situation, it is the need to switch to the more controlled environment.  The VPS and dedicated server gives you the root level access hence you can easily tweak the server settings and operating system, application stack to change as per your need.
  4. Security needs: Restriction on the customization for the shared hosting environment is very crucial from the security point of view and settings adjusted globally to suit all the websites hosted on the server.  Also as the resources are shared the security remains compromised. The VPS and dedicated server offers the security solutions. Ther offer Backup, Firewall, Antivirus, Monitoring and alert systems, DDoS protected bandwidth and network security.