Fozzy Hosting Review – Best Shared Hosting Services

Fozzy Hosting services are a part of the globally spread XBT Holding group which serve web-hosting solutions for the users of the USA, Europe, and Asia. At present, their data centers are located in the United States, Netherlands, Singapore, and India. According to many, it is the best affordable web hosting you will experience for the price you pay. Here’s a detailed look about this simple, underrated hosting service which delivers the best.
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What are the features of Fozzy Hosting?

Some of the everyday features of any decent hosting service are provided alongside some advanced features all at a decent and affordable pricing plan. Here’s a look at their features.

Multiple Datacentres

With Fozzy hosting providers, you have data centers at multiple locations which are useful for users in reducing the load on their servers. This is a lot better than adding the data capacity of existing centers. Fozzy hosting is much better than other hosting service providers which possess single data center.

High Speed

If your site has been loading longer than 4 seconds, visitors may leave your site at double the usual rate. It is seen that loading time directly affects the position of the site in search engine results

Litespeed Web Servers certified

They are 500% faster than Apache 2.4 and 67% faster than Nginx that would surely help you to reduce the page loading time which improves the user experience on your websites.

Free CDN

They provide free CDN services which will surely reduce the page loading speed. With their combination of free CDN and multiple data centers, you will have page speed loading time much lesser than other hosting providers for sure. With the help of CDN, the static content of your website gets generated from the nearest data center which helps in reducing the page loading time.

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface removes most of the work hassle and improves the overall quality of work. With the interface of Fozzy hosting services which is user-friendly, you can easily upload data files through Cpanel and this saves a majority of your time. Alongside, an easy to use interface can help you in working easily and executing your work on time.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable pricing is one of the best features for Fozzy hosting services. Compared to the services and support they offer, the pricing is pretty good and affordable.

Spam Protection

Spam protection is one of the most important features to be provided with Hosting services in order to prevent spam attacks. With Fozzy Hosting services, you get complete spam protection that would help you to prevent your websites and data from any hacking attempts. This helps prevent any hacking attempts.


Fozzy has just two simple and straight forward plans in their shared hosting package. The first plan is available for a single domain and the second plan is available for 5 domains. They do not have multiple domain plans as of now. They have dedicated pricing for USA, India, Europe & Russia.

Shared Hosting from $3.9

Features include 10 GB SSD

  • 1 website
  • 1 database

VPS Server from $8.99

Features include 35 GB SSD

  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 1.5 TB traffic
  • 100 MBPS

Pros and Cons of Fozzy

Pros of Fozzy Hosting Services:

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Spam Protection
  • Free CDN Services

Cons of Fozzy Hosting Services:

  • No Money Back Guarantee

Customer Service

If you think that Fozzy is a normal hosting company which claims to give you the moon and does not provide good service, is ready to be surprised. The customer service is pretty good. IN case of any doubts you can first take a look at their knowledge base and even email them at [email protected].

Fozzy is also unique in that they provide their skype ID for a chat to resolve issues quickly. You have good knowledgeable staff who are technically sound and all queries are answered promptly.

Fozzy Hosting is worth trying out. The prices they offer are best in the industry as compared to the features you get. Also, they are providing the fastest page loading speed which makes them stand out from the crowd. You get the best shared and VPS server hosting with Fozzy and you wouldn’t regret choosing them.