Pagely Review – A Managed WordPress Hosting

Pagely is a managed hosting environment designed for WordPress installations as well as plug-ins. Pagely is built upon to provide enterprise-level, infrastructure-as-a-service cloud hosting. It is a product from Amazon Web Services. For a smaller business, you have a more wallet-friendly cloud hosting options

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Pagely doesn’t have a reseller hosting in the traditional sense. However, they let you sign up for a retail plan and then decide the costs for your individual clients. It doesn’t offer any special reseller deals or white labeling. With Pagely, you don’t need to install WordPress as you would do with other web hosts as it comes pre-installed.

Best Features of Pagely Hosting

Pagely calls themselves a managed WordPress service. Some of their best features are:-

They are powered by Amazon

This is something which resonates with customers. As Pagely themselves are hosted by Amazon, the customers can expect the same quality and features from Pagely as if the brand Amazon was their host.

100% Uptime

Pagely promises a 100% uptime and for any downtime experienced they offer hosting credits. As they are from a brand like Amazon, there’s hardly any downtime credits due to their steady uptime.


At a glance, Pagely seems to have only 3 plans. However, there are several plans where you can have four virtual private servers. What we like about Pagely is that you don’t have to pick any predefined plans. Pagely has a feature where you can customize your own plan with them completely.

WordPress Support

Pagely is a WordPress management service rather than a hosting service and has an entire team of dedicated experts ready to help you with any of your WordPress issues.

Automatic Backups

This is an essential feature and Pagely will perform a backup of your website daily. They have excellent network security and host some of the largest enterprises on the planet.

Unlimited Page Visitors

Some hosting companies limit page views or visitors per month however, Pagely does not place a cap on page views or visitors.

Other features of Pagely

Pagely has two backend interfaces, one is the standard self-hosted WordPress interface which is used to create posts, pages, and galleries. The other is a custom Atomic Core interface. In Pagely, Atomic Core is the default interface and is worth using if you just want to manage WordPress installations, check your account and billing information, send support requests, and view traffic stats.

Since it does not offer traditional web hosting, you can’t upload your Linux- or Windows-based non-WordPress site and related apps. Pagely offers features like daily site backups and automatic plug-in updates. Pagely is compatible with many plug-ins that may negatively impact a site’s performance. The web host doesn’t offer email accounts, and you have to sign up with a third-party company like GoDaddy.


Pagely secures your WordPress site with its PressArmor real-time malware. PressArmor provides protection against DDoS and brute force attacks. Pagely supports content delivery networks (CDN) for tighter security and fast page loads.

Customer Service

Pagely doesn’t offer phone support to submit queries through the company’s web chat available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also book your queries in the 24-hour ticketing system. Pagely states that it employs WordPress experts knowledgeable about content management systems.


  • Automatic daily backups
  • Automatic plug-in updates
  • Has Malware scanning
  • Several Novice-friendly features
  • Many Deep help features.


  • Costlier Side
  • Does not have email
  • No domains.
  • No cPanel

Pagely’s Plans

WordPress VPS Hosting: Pagely offers several managed, Linux-powered WordPress hosting plans starting at $299 per month. for a single-node server with a shared database and for hosting up to 15 sites. The highest pricing plan offers a 2-node server for hosting 60 sites at $2299 per month. Pagely has its entry-level package coming with 30GB of storage and 50GB of monthly data transfers

Enterprise Hosting: Pricing for this category starts at $2500 a month. It promises a 99.9999% uptime and 211ms average response time. They expect payment upfront on Day One.

Elite Publisher: This pricing plan is for the top publishers, SaaS startups and brands. The pricing starts at $20,000 a month. The top-end Pulsar plan comes with a host of useful extras, such as a dedicated account manager, private Slack, and unlimited staging sites.

All Pagely plans come with dozens of useful features, including PressCache and PressThumb.

Bottom Line

Pagely is aimed at big businesses which want WordPress to power their websites. Pagely is an expensive but feature-rich web hosting service, an enterprise-class WordPress web hosting service which safeguards your WordPress-powered site. It also optimizes posts/pages for faster load times, updates plug-ins automatically, and performs daily backups using Amazon S3 technology. Pagely is a fantastic service – if they can provide what you’re looking for. They do not offer freebies like advertising credits or web building tools. If you purchase one of their business plans, they will do for free.