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Romanian start-up Presslabs is becoming more and more famous in the world of global hosting and cloud-computing world. Presslabs explores niche-specific markets using high-end technologies backed by automated processes. They provide the best high-speed managed-hosting for WordPress. Presslabs offers cloud-based processing services which are designed for high traffic sites and, can be expensive for personal websites, or small businesses. They also have the best rating on their SSL certificate. When tested they showed their quality with almost no errors on Load Storm and a perfect Load Impact test. They allow high-speed access to websites even with a limit of 1 billion page-views per month.

Smart Managed WordPress Hosting Platform

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What are the features of Presslabs Hosting?

Presslabs Features
They provide high-performance hosting services and WordPress Intelligence for the following:

  • Publishers
  • Agencies
  • Enterprise

Why should you choose Presslabs for WordPress hosting?

The following are some of the amazing features which make Presslabs the number one choice for WordPress hosting on the largest scale.

  • You get an integrated performance management platform that helps you precisely understand the events which impact performance.
  • It is easy to use and straight-forward without any complications.
  • The Presslabs dashboard helps with real-time key indicators for your site performance
  • From the dashboard, you can also understand the traffic distribution and distinguish between bots and humans.
  • You get to benefit from development workflows which are quantifiable and advanced security enforcement
  • Get front-end and back-end level encryption for all site users
  • Smart backup policies
  • Case studies of how clients successfully used Presslabs for a better experience to help readers
  • tooling support for modern development workflows integration
  • Built-in best practices for WordPress

Who are some of the biggest clients of Presslabs?

While they value each client equally, some of the biggest names include Tiny Buddha, iPhone in Canada, iDB, TechJuice, David Wolfe, etc.

Payments: They accept all major credit cards through PayU.

Biggest Pros

  • High performance
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Quick and easy scalability
  • Good user interface
  • Good team management feature

Pricing Information

The Publisher hosting has 3 plans
Start, Plus and Pro
Start – Priced at $99, the initial data migration and setup is free. It also includes all core WordPress updates. All plans include 24*7 support, backups and Intelligence oriented dashboard with unlimited bandwidth.
The Plus Plan starts at $299/month with an increased database size of 1 GB and storage of 15GB. Avowing up to 5,00,00 page views rest of the features of Plan are also included.
Pro starts at $599/month. Increased database size of 1.5 GB and storage of 100 GB
The Enterprise edition price is not mentioned and for that, you need to contact them through sources state that it begins at $1,999.

Developer accounts are free of charge and those working on a customer’s site get a set of powerful tooling to make the best use of their time. You can register for free.

Reviews and Rating

The site has very good ratings from their customers with excellent feedback by most. Some stated they found it slightly complicated while most others are happy with their hosting services.
Presslabs Reviews


Presslabs provides specialized hosting services which are designed to manage WordPress based sites. They have plenty of options to create a WordPress site with features that make the site perform better. It has multiple DNS in America and Europe, automatic caching and backups with AWS. Overall it’s great for agencies and enterprises that cannot compromise on quality irrespective of the cost