WP Engine Review – The WordPress Digital Experience Platform

The last decade saw many changes in the way the web has evolved. It has impacted the common population and the rise of websites like blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr led to custom blog software’s like b2evolution, etc. The best which has passed the test of time is WordPress. WordPress has now become one of the most used and widely appreciated content management systems on the web. Nowadays, you can build any type of website with WordPress.

Get Started with WP Engine

Get StartedHosting companies with bonus features have definitely attracted the attention of today’s consumers allowing them to build sophisticated websites in a simple way through drag and drop widgets. One such dedicated WordPress hosting company is WPEngine. The company had an excellent infrastructure standard along with top-notch server optimizations for WordPress thus making it one of the top WordPress dedicated hosting companies all over the world. WPEngine has millions of customers with WordPress sites ranging from all kinds and sizes. The company has award-winning features and quality server maintenance and is now competing for head-on with hosting giants like GoDaddy and Bluehost which are not limited to a single content management system.

WPEngine Hosting Features and Add-ons

In WPEngine, all features and add-ons come with plans that are specifically created to suit the requirements of expert WordPress developers. It also helps build custom WordPress-based API consuming applications with the help of custom API’s and other technologies. The company provides all necessary features for developers and therefore goes leaps and bounds on the traditional WordPress hosting platform.

Some of the defining features include:

  • Minimum local storage space of 10GB is offered even in the lowest priced plans.
  • There are servers to test your website in production environments and create the best solution among the available possibilities.
  • Comes with transferable installs that help you transfer your WordPress website from one host to another
  • WPEngine is one of the most sought-after WordPress specialized hosting companies with amazing performance and server architecture to accommodate any kind of WordPress installation to serve customers in any region or locale.
  • It also has backups, content delivery networks, firewalls, server-side caching and SSL ready server configurations
  • The WPEngine servers manage to handle any amount of traffic within the prescribed limits without any performance related issues.
  • They provide you a range of enterprise-grade solutions which deliver lightning fast, scalable and secure experiences. They optimize AWS and GCP for WordPress.
  • Using the WordPress open-source framework, you can customize the CMS for your business needs

WPEngine Page Speed

WPEngine fares wonderfully when the page speed is checked with its average at 1.77s which was measured with and without the content delivery network. Along with high scalability as well as resource optimized delivery mechanisms, WPEngine stands out as one of the top web hosting companies when it comes to page speed optimization.

WPEngine Plans and Pricing

Since it is a dedicated WordPress hosting company, it cannot focus on providing cheap hosting packages and then compensate for the profits in dynamic and high resource consuming plans.

Here’s a look at the packages

Personal: This is priced at $31/month. It is ideal for all kinds of websites ranging from normal blogs and corporate websites. It is also used for portfolio websites and other application oriented websites which require high performance oriented server architecture. This plan can help you own only a single website but can handle up to 25k visitors. It comes with 10GB storage and 60 days’ money back guarantee. Users get unlimited data transfer and also the flexibility to build any kind of website or application with custom themes, plugins and other features.

Professional: This costs $103/month. The plan comes with 20GB local storage and 10 WordPress installs and 100k visitors. It allows you to host up to 10 websites with unlimited data transfer. This is ideal for growing websites and applications needing higher resources. You can expand on the resource consumption and therefore host high performance oriented websites which are highly customizable.

Business: This plan comes with 25 WordPress installs and is priced at $261 per month. You can host up to 25 websites along with subdomains creating a huge network of websites for numerous purposes. It allows upto 400k visitors per month and 30GB data storage. It is ideal for business users and is used by large corporate websites and blogs with millions of visitors every month.

Premium and Enterprise: This plan is meant for custom server configurations. They are designed and configured specially to suit user requirements. They often cost more than the traditional cost of website hosting. You have up to 150 WordPress installs and the ability to customize the plans as per your requirements.

WPEngine Customer Service

An appealing user interface is highly important for all web hosting companies who should also reinvent their backend interface to match for their frontend presentation. They have good customer service ready to take on even the most challenging questions from customers. WPEngine has one of the best customer service team who is highly skilled and available 24*7. They can quickly solve your problems and often help you manage your server right from their control panel instead of making you do everything.


The instant scalability in WPEngine is one of the best features of the web hosting company. WPEngine is a specialized hosting company which costs much more than traditional web hosts yet the features and performance improvements it offers are most sought after. You get all the necessary features that could easily satisfy your requirements. It also costs much less than specialized web hosting companies. Due to its custom setup and configuration, the company also provides a set of additional tools and plugins which greatly enhance WordPress functionality and performance