Zimbra Review – The Best Email Collaboration

Zimbra is a collaboration software app which provides you a complete suite of social tools that include blogs as well as microblogs, forums, wikis, content editing, web pages, media galleries and a lot more. With Zimbra, you may set up your personal profile, locate others and send friend requests, can create events and polls, like statuses, and more. Zimbra also lets you set up a personal cloud having an inbox that is integrated with your email. Using the personal inbox you can make use of the voice, task, address book, and calendar, files, and other file sharing capabilities. You can use various features to stay connected with the team members in every time zone. All files and folders can be shared in a secure way with Zimbra.

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What are the benefits of Zimbra?

Helps Avoid Spam Mails

Sorting and deleting spam emails, a cumbersome and time taking task is made easy with Zimbra. Zimbra email server hosting includes intelligent spam filters to get rid of unwanted emails. Just configure the spam filter settings to ensure suspicious mails don’t flood your inbox.

Create Calendars

Any team working on a project should be aware of delivery dates, appointments as well as project deadlines. The Zimbra email server hosting comes with a calendar feature that users can use to create and share a calendar that mentions important project dates with your different team members.

Enables you Create Backup of Important Emails

Your business can be hit hard without a backup plan and you lose important email correspondence due to a system failure. In order to address this issue, the Zimbra email server hosting has a backup feature that preserves your important business emails. You can discuss the feature with your provider and also about the frequency and amount of backup they’d be offering before you opt for a plan.

Hassle Free Document Storage

Zimbra email server hosting can be useful for storing documents in your account, thereby enabling you to manage them better. You can access these documents from any part of the world. You can search through these documents and classify them according to your needs.

The user interface is extremely friendly, flexible, and configurable. It is also the same for the app’s out-of-the-box integrations, alongside varying pricing scheme which is designed to suit businesses from all scales and industries.

Overview of Zimbra Features

  • Media Galleries, Photo, and Video Embedding
  • Blog and Micro Blogs
  • Shared Calendar
  • Email Archiving and Discovery
  • Social Analytics
  • Badging and Points
  • Events and Polls
  • Activity Streams and RSS Feeds
  • Instant Messaging
  • People Search and Content Search
  • Tags and Tag Clouds
  • Q&A Tracking and Monitoring
  • Liking and Commenting

How Much Does Zimbra Cost?

Zimbra Pricing Plans:

Free trial

Open Source

Subscription also available

The Zimbra Collaboration Server is sold according to the user mailbox in bundled packs. All bundle packs are available in annual, multi-year, and perpetual software licenses. You can also find an Open Source Editing available for Zimbra. It is a free email and collaboration solution that is the ideal of the individuals or small businesses or organizations that are not looking for a Zimbra Supports, the advanced administration and IMAP emails on the desktops.

Zimba Customer Reviews

Zimbra is used by scores of companies which find it extremely useful for managing the email setup and it has many customization abilities that really help. Here are some in-depth reviews from their top customers

Zimbra Reviews


  • Filter emails with specific information required.
  • Very good storage capacity.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems
  • The web application is very complete and intuitive
  • Has a mobile version and another web one.
  • It has a friendly and modern graphical interface.

Zimbra’s email client, allows you to integrate all email accounts in one place, which you cannot do with other email clients. Zimbra helps design your work environment how you decide and modify the design of the program design template. Another benefit of working in a group is the collaborative chat tool which allows integrating all members of a company into a resource. Here they can communicate online as well as exchange work information and files.